Highlight of the Week!!

The Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC) was the first smoker that I bought back in 2015.  I really wanted a smoker but I didn't have any idea on how to use a smoker, the different types of smokers available, or anything really.  I only knew is what I saw on "BBQ Pitmasters" on the Destination America channel.  Since I didn’t know anything, I started to do some research on the internet about “smokers for beginners”.  I came across a website call Amazon Ribs (www.amazingribs.com) where they reviewed, discussed, researched, and anything and everything barbecue related.  I read that there were two great smokers for beginners which one was the PBC.  After doing some more research on the PBC, I found out that the owner; Noah, was a veteran.  Being a veteran myself and spending the last 10 years volunteering and supporting multiple veteran organizations, I had to support my brother-in-arms and buy the PBC.  This was something that I will never have regrets in ordering. 

After I ordered the PBC with a special plate (an option for the military, fire personal, and police officers), I received the PBC a few days later.  When you receive the PBC, everything is already assembled ready for you to start cooking and there is no brain work it getting set up.  The only thing you have to do is set the vent at the bottom of the barrel to your specific sea-level; direction are in the box or on their website and it isn’t hard at all.  Also, in the box the company included bottles of their rub; Beef and Game and All Purpose rubs.  These rubs are very good and I used them right away. 

After I ordered the PBC, I went onto their website and watched a number of videos on how to use the PBC and how to cook different foods so I would be ready when it arrived.  The first food that I tried were ribs since ribs are one of my favorite foods.  They came out great using the All Purpose rub and barbecue sauce.  The ribs were moist, tender, and flavorful. Then I tried out a brisket and again, I was not disappointed.  The PBC is a beginners dream to smoking and I still use it today. 

I use the PBC for all the barbecue competitions I compete in and we do very well.  I love the PBC and it will always be in the arsenal of smokers and grills.  The PBC started this smoking hobby/company for myself and I haven’t looked back yet. 

For more information on the Pit Barrel Cooker, check out their website at: www.pitbarrelcooker.com

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